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Both Sides of the Lens                 

I have been capturing moments around me in both the written word and the photographed image for as long as I can remember. I spent quite a number of years letting these passions simmer on the back burner while I played the 9-5 gig and, again, found myself led back to the work that I love.  Work that not only brings meaning to the people I am providing this service for, but also makes me feel like I'm contributing something positive to the world around me.  

My backdrops are the world we live in and my lighting is mostly natural and what is available.  My shooting style is photo-journalistic with an appropriate amount of posing.  I prefer to sit back and watch you interact with each other, as that is where the most authentic moments occur.  I will sing to, and hopefully with, your children. I will make silly faces at them and ask them what their favorite books are.  As you tell me about how you and your partner met, you will be taken back to that moment and will barely notice me zooming in on the way you look at each other.  I'll capture that look of excitement on your seniors face, as they think about all they have accomplished in the past twelve years, and how they will be beginning that walk on the path to their future.  Movement in and around our backgrounds will be encouraged and I may ask you to tilt your head or look at me, but I will never ask anyone to say cheese.

My landscape and fine art prints are available for purchase and can be found under the "purchase" tab in the menu.  And my blog can be found at www.paintedpinkmountains.com 

COMING IN 2022:  Travel journals and Field Sessions!     

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